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Current University of California Requirements:
A. History/ Social Science 2 years
B. English 4 years
C. Math 3 years
D. Lab Science 2 years
E. Foreign Language 2 year
F. College Prep Electives 1 year
G. Visual or Performing Arts 1 year You must have a minimum
GPA of 2.78 this is now 3.0 for in-state student and 3.4 for out of state students.
You must also take the SAT1 or ACT tests and SAT2 in English Math (level 1 or 2) English Lit., Social Studies, or Foreign Language

California State University Requirements:
A. English 4 years
B. Math 3 years (beginning with Algebra)/Math 1)
C. US History/ Government 2 year
D. Lab Science 2 year
E. Foreign Language 2 years
F. Visual/ Performing Arts 1 year
G. College Prep Elective 1 years
Planning for College
College-bound students should enroll in college prep classes: Algebra and higher, Foreign Languages, and Lab Sciences.

Students planning to attend CSU or UC colleges are encouraged to apply for early admission. The early admission applications are due in November of a student’s senior year and will be given priority admissions status.

College Entrance Exams

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