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ASB ~ Associated Student Body

ASB ~ Associated Student Body

Every student enrolled in at least one class at Rancho San Juan High School is a member of the Associated Student Body (ASB). Each spring the student body elects leaders to represent and govern their affairs for the following year. The student leaders create many fun and spirit-filled activities and events throughout the school year. ASB officers include President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and School Site Council.
Student Council
The Student Council has many responsibilities. It approves clubs, fundraisers and pays all league fees for athletic teams. The Council also represents the student body’s interest to the administration, school district, and community. The Student Council also determines how the student body’s money is to be spent. All money goes back to current students in the form of athletic costs, lunchtime activities, rallies, dances, etc.
Getting Involved
The student body’s government is elected by the students for the students. Concerns of how the student’s affairs are being handled should be directed to any of the elected student representatives.
Students who wish to participate in the class competitions, rallies, decorate for dances or do anything ASB related, should attend Wednesday class meetings, talk to class officers, or stop by the ASB office.
Our goal is to make your experience at Rancho San Juan High School better!
ASB Cards
All students at Rancho San Juan High School are automatically members of the Rancho San Juan High Associated Student Body and will receive a photo ID card when they pick up their schedule or register as a new student. The ASB Card is represented as a sticker on a student’s ID. The ASB sticker can be purchased at the student store for a one time fee of $55.00. The purchase of the ASB sticker is optional. If the ASB sticker is lost there is a $5 replacement fee.
  • Students who have an ASB Card can receive free or discounted prices on events, free entrance into games, and discounts on student store items.
  • ASB stickers are recommended for students participating in athletics, cheerleading squads, or if you serve in student government.
  • Athletes with an ASB sticker will receive sport specific patches and one Varsity block letter for free.
ASB Office
The ASB office is open during lunch. You could find information on different events and paperwork that may be needed for clubs and organizations.
Activities Director
Sarah Burkhart
831-273-7700 Ext.3407

Finance Clerk
Cynthia Padilla
831-273-7700 Ext.3425