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Student Parking Pass



Driving to school and parking on school property is a privilege, which may be denied. Students who obtain a parking permit through ASB are eligible to park in the student parking lot. Students who are issued parking permits accept the responsibility of adhering to school policies and safe driving practices. To obtain a Parking Permit, the following items must be present when applying: 
  • Parking Contract & Vehicle Registration Form
  • ID Card & Valid California Driver’s License
  • Current Vehicle Registration & Proof of Liability Insurance
  • Payment - $15 with an ASB Card/$20 without 

Parking Policy 

  1. Driving to school and parking on school property is a privilege and not a right. 
  2. Rancho San Juan High School reserves the right to revoke parking permits at any time without refund if a student fails to comply with any school policy (academic, behavior, attendance, etc.). 
  3. Parking permits are the property of Rancho San Juan High School and cannot be duplicated or altered in any way. 
  4. Lost or stolen permits are the responsibility of the student. A replacement permit may be issued with approval from administration. If approved, the cost of a one-time replacement permit is $35. If a Parking Permit is lost/stolen a second time, parking privileges are revoked. Parking citations issued as a result of a lost permit will not be waived. 
  5. Permits are non-transferable and must be returned to the ASB Office if a student withdraws or transfers. Violation of this rule will result in forfeiture of parking permit for, at least, the remainder of the school year. 
  6. Parking permits are not considered valid unless they are hung from the rear view mirror with the printed information completely visible, no other item can obscure its visibility. 
  7. Parking spots are not guaranteed. 
  8. Students must adhere to all posted signs. 
  9. The speed limit in the parking lot is 5 mph. Speeding or reckless driving is prohibited and may result in loss of parking permit. 
  10. The parking lot is a restricted area. Once parked, students should proceed immediately to the school; there is to be no loitering or visitation in the parking lot. The lot will remain closed during brunch, class and passing periods. 
  11. Tardiness resulting from not being able to find a parking space will not be excusable.
  12. Citations will be issued for the following: $20 Citations: Parked without valid parking permit, outside designated parking area, in fire lane, visitor parking, staff parking, or disabled parking. $5 Citation: Parked without parking permit properly displayed. 
  13. If a student wishes to contest a citation, they must do so within five school days of the date issued. The ASB Office and/or Administration will review contested tickets. Once reviewed, the citation will either be voided or charged to the student’s account. Non-contested tickets will be charged to the student’s account after five school days and will not receive any further review. Failure to clear citations will result in the loss of student activities and the holding of student records. 
  14. Students who use the student parking lot do so at their own risk. Rancho San Juan High School and the Salinas Union High School District are not responsible for the vehicle or its contents. 
  15. Authorized personnel who have reason to believe a search is necessary for the health, safety and protection of the students and the orderly conduct of the school may search any vehicle brought onto school property. 
  16. All California Vehicle Codes apply in the school parking lots. 
Failure to adhere to the above conditions places your vehicle subject to a citation(Section 21113 California Vehicle Code), a revocation of your parking permit, and other discipline consequences assigned by Rancho San Juan High School Administration.