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Research Tools


World Book is a great place to start any information seeking project! Entries are short, authoritative, and each one is fully cited. Just copy and paste citations into your Works Cited page.
If you need more detail, next stop is Encyclopedia Britannica. You can choose from three different reading levels and four different citation styles. You may need to be on your chromebook to access this from home.
More specific encyclopedia options? Check out these e-encyclopedias. My favorites are American Decades, History behind the Headlines, Encyclopedia of World Biography and Novels for Students.
eLibrary Guided Research is an excellent place to start! They have 11,000 (!!) subjects professionally curated with background information, images and magazine and newspaper articles about your topic.
7th - 9th graders will find SIRS Discoverer a great place to start. They have many topics but specialize in animals, controversial topics, country reports, and biographies.