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Band & Choir

Band/Music Philosophy
The RSJHS band is an organization of students and staff who pride themselves on excellence- excellence in our personal performance, our section’s performance, our band’s performance, and in the way we represent ourselves and our school. Excellence is a choice people make, just as mediocrity is a choice. Excellence is not a gift you’re born with, but something you strive for out of the conviction that being as good as you can be is what life is all about. We know that the road to excellence is not always going to be an easy one, but if we work together then excellence is an attainable goal. Our policies are necessary to achieve the goals that we set ourselves- to have pride in ourselves and others, to always perform as winners, and to work together to be truly excellent in everything we do. Excellent bands differ not in what they do, but how they do it.
Band and Choir
Course Description
The band/choir class is an unique experience in that each student is given the opportunity to participate in three distinct musical arenas within one class. The band/choir class focuses on earning and performing symphonic works from a variety of time periods. Students will be given the chance to perform at festival performances, as well as school concerts. The pep band gives the students the opportunity to explore unique arrangement of pop/rocks classics. The band is committed to supporting sports teams and enhancing the experience of our school events. The marching band has a rich tradition of cohesiveness, musicality, and strong competition results. Both groups plays at various community events and competes in several band reviews each year.
What You Can Expect Being in Band/Choir (Overview)
The first few months of school will seem hectic as we all adjust to new schedules and time commitments. The fall band season is short, but can feel overwhelming. During football season we will rehearse and perform pep band, several half-time field shows as well as parades. At the same time we will be working on our winter concert material. The second half of the year will include a performance in the CCS Large Ensemble festival, a spring concert, and finish with a graduation performance.

Music Director

Jillian Lassen